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If you are interested in hypnotherapy or have an existing practice that you would like to add additional services , it would be advisable to try out a course in hypnotherapy training London. With hypnotherapy you can offer alternative healing methods to your client base.

You can use hypnosis for a variety of reasons on patients to heal or promote personal development skills. The qualification is broken down into modules where you can either attend the courses on a part time of full time basis.

Techniques applied in hypnotherapy cover aspects such as imagery techniques or imaginal exposure all these treatments will be done on patients to provide relief or remedy to existing problems they are currently facing or trying to deal with.

The course will cover the following techniques in hypnotherapy training London:

1.Reversal of habits that may be present in a patient such as smoking or nail biting

2.Relaxation exercises

3.Desensitation on approach to fears that may be present

4.Anxiety problems

5.How to avoid stress experienced in patients

6.Exposure techniques

One of the advantages of the course is that you are able to complete the course over a few weeks or you can take your time and complete over the period of a year. The course is offered at an affordable rate and once completed can add valuable services into your existing practice.

When you treat your patients it is done on a non invasive level which can ensure your patients feel comfortable throughout hypnosis sessions. You can assure your patients that the hypnotic state can be broken at any stage that they feel uncomfortable. The process works on a neurological and psychological level with a positive outcome in most cases.

The course on offer on hypnotherapy training London is something that you can add into your area of expertise.

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