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The centuries-old practice of hypnosis has an illustrious background – once regarded as a mystical art, it has gone through various incarnations through the centuries, having been used in areas of human activity as diverse as healing and entertainment. In its present form hypnotherapy is regarded as a specialist area of expertise employing scientifically established methods for inducing hypnotic state in patients to promote change via positive suggestions, thus helping with the treatment of various medical conditions and psychological problems. Formally recognised as a complimentary therapy to be applied alongside conventional medical procedures, hypnotherapy is an effective tool for weight control, smoking cessation, pain management, and deep-seated fears. People turn to hypnotherapy for confidence boost, stress relief, personal development. It is employed in counselling and treatment of anxiety and depression, and has earned its place in dental procedures, anaesthetic tactics and childbirth plans.


These wide-ranging applications have generated understandable interest on both sides of the practice – on one hand, an increased number of patients and clients, and on the other – a rise in the number of prospective practitioners aspiring to secure qualifications in the field. Becoming a professional hypnotherapist is dependent on receiving training of good standard from a recognised provider, with qualifications accredited at the successful completion of the course.


Clifton Practice London Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) provides hands-on tuition in a variety of accredited courses with Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy awarded on accomplishment of the training. The training is built around solution-focused approach – as implied by the term, a therapy that is primarily orientated toward quick delivery of constructive outcome to a specific problem brought to the attention of the practitioner, with less attention to origin of the problem, but with strong focus on current issues and future aspirations.

Invariably the success of a hypnotherapy is determined by the connection established between practitioner and client. At the root of such connection is the self-belief achieved through preparation and routine. Learning at CPHT is guided exclusively by practical models – the students are not simply encouraged to study, but also to act and to try out psychotherapy methods during their training, so that they can establish themselves in professional positions as soon as possible following graduation. The courses cover extensively the essential theories and methods of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in a classic modular outline. The content is not static – learning strategies at CPHT are orientated towards incorporating the most advanced techniques, as well as innovative methods with proven efficacy. This places graduates in a good stead for their future careers as hypnotherapists and ensures they leave training equipped with valuable set of skills to help them perform well in a highly competitive, yet rewarding professional field.


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