Hypnotherapy Training in London

We are now in month 8 with course L3 and they are doing very well. Everyone has shown a high level of commitment and professionalism, as would be expected with the students who have joined the hypnotherapy training course.

So far we have covered the session structure, (which can be quite complex to master), the science of hypnosis and the workings of the mind, an understanding of modern hypnotherapy and how to utilise various tools to good effect, understanding Depression and how to help lift the symptoms, Anxiety and how to remove the symptoms, the neuroscience of obesity, how to measure clinical outcomes using the latest technology, removing fear and phobia’s quickly, Anti-Smoking therapy, sport’s therapy, overcoming OCD, reducing and removing anger, to name just a few.

The confidence level of the students ability to treat people in many areas is of course extremely high and they have already helped many people with various symptoms. But most importantly they are enjoying the process and becoming very good, knowledgeable Hypnotherapy practitioners.

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